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Ambulance response times in desperate need of improvement, says Kirsty Williams

Ambulance response times are in desperate need of improvement, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have said today in response to newly published figures.

Figures published for August show that just 58.8% of emergency responses to Category A (immediately life-threatening) calls arrived at the scene within 8 minutes. This is down from 61.7% in July 2015. The target is 65%.

After failing to meet its ‘urgent’ emergency 8 minute target for over 21 months, the Labour Government in Wales has announced that from October it will now classify fewer calls as needing an 8 minute response.

Kirsty Williams AM, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, said:

“It’s hugely frustrating that Wales continues to have the slowest response times in the UK. The people of Wales deserve so much better than this

“Once again we see a huge variance in performance. Quite frankly, it’s a disgrace that only 48.5% of life-threatening calls in Ceredigion were responded to within the 8 minute target.

“NHS staff and paramedics work incredibly hard and do an extremely difficult job, which we are all thankful for, but they are being held back by the underperforming Labour Government in Wales.”

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