Wefan Gymraeg

Alison Willott


Candidate for Torfaen

Alison Willott became actively involved in the Liberal Democrats in 1989.  She was Parliamentary Candidate for Wimbledon in 1992 and 1997, and was elected as a local councillor in Merton 1994-1998 where she was Leader of the group. 

She was a member of the party’s Federal Executive for four years.  The Willott family moved to Wales in 1997, and Alison was Assembly candidate for the Cynon Valley in 1999 and for Monmouthshire in 2003. She was also on the Welsh Lib Dems’ Executive committee and Chair of their Finance committee.  After 2003, she worked with the Abergavenny Citizens’ Advice Bureau as a Debt Adviser; she also became a magistrate for South-East Wales, sitting in Abergavenny, Newport and Cwmbran. 

She then became Chair of the Monmouth branch of the Gwent Wildlife Trust and she is currently a Trustee of the central Trust and one of its two Vice-Chairs. She also works as a part-time caseworker in Cardiff.  A year ago she was elected as Chair of the Monmouth and Torfaen Liberal Democrats.

Alison has been a member of Friends of the Earth for many years and has a particular interest in environmental matters; she and her husband have a holding of 18 acres which they garden organically, producing fruit and vegetables as well as many varied habitats for a range of wildlife.  They open their garden annually for the Wildlife Trust.  Alison sang professionally for many years and still has a keen interest in music, running the very tiny choir at Tregaer church.  She is strongly interested in educational matters, especially the importance of music for children, and also (as a former teacher of English and Classics) the importance of grammar, learning stuff by heart, and reading books!  She also believes strongly that women should be better represented in Parliament – less than one quarter of the House is not enough. 

She has four grown-up children, and is very proud that her oldest daughter was the Lib Dem MP for Cardiff Central from 2005-2015. Two of her other children work for a Welsh consultancy based in Monmouthshire.

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