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Aled Roberts responds to Welsh Government’s ‘Damascene conversion’

In response to Huw Lewis' comments that "from tonight, cutting the link between deprivation and attainment becomes our first priority", Aled Roberts, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Education Minister said:

"For many people this Damascene conversion has come too late. The Welsh Labour Government has left generations of Welsh students behind due to their complete failure to improve our education system. Wales continues to lag behind England, Scotland and Northern Ireland in reading, maths and science. Sadly I don't see us catching up any time soon with Welsh Labour in charge.

"It is bewildering that it has taken until now for an Education Minister to declare that cutting the link between deprivation and attainment will become this Labour Government's top priority. It is a sad indictment of Labour's performance that it has taken them fourteen years to arrive at this point.

"The key policy in the Welsh Labour Government's annual budget that will support students from poorer backgrounds is the Pupil Deprivation Grant. This is a Welsh Liberal Democrat policy and it means that schools across the whole of Wales will receive £918 per pupil on free school meals. If it wasn't for the Welsh Liberal Democrats, this policy wouldn't exist.

"While we believe in targeting extra resources at our most disadvantaged pupils in order to improve their attainment, our priority is to look at each Welsh child individually regardless of background. Our education system needs to ensure that every child performs to their ultimate ability."

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