Wefan Gymraeg

Agenda and Motions

Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19, we're hosting our Spring Conference online via Hopin!

This Conference will be spread over two days; Saturday 9th October will see a Joint Conference with the Scottish Liberal Democrats, while the Welsh Liberal Democrats will hold its AGM and debate issues of importance to the Welsh Party on Sunday 10th October.


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Saturday 9th October

10:00 Panel Discussion: A Liberal UK in 2030
  Local Government: Priorities and Reform
10:40 Speech by Naomi Long MLA
  Leader of the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
10:50 Topical Debate
  School Qualifications - how should achievement be measured?
11:45 Speech by Sir Ed Davey MP
  Leader of the Liberal Democrats
12:00 Panel Discussion: A Liberal UK in 2030
  Improving Healthcare in Wales and Scotland
12:45 Lunch
14:00 Speech by Jane Dodds MS
  Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats
14:20 Topical Debate
  A vision for Scotland and Wales
15:15 Speech by Alex Cole Hamilton MSP
  Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats
15:35 Joint Motion
16:20 Panel Discussion: A Liberal UK in 2030
  The Future of Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland as part of the UK
17:30 Tea Break
18:30 In Conversation with Willie Rennie MSP
There is also Training available on Saturday, and the Conference Quiz will take place at 19:00.


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Sunday 10th October

10:20 Opening of Conference
10:30 Panel Discussion:
  The Local Election Campaign
11:00 Business Motions
  Constitutional Amendment: Vacant Committee Representatives
  Constitutional Amendment: Election of Chair of Conference Committee
  Nomination to Welsh Appeals Panel
11:15 Panel Discussion
  The Work of Welsh Party Officers and Committees
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Speech by Mark Pack
  Federal President of the Liberal Democrats
  Followed by Questions on the Work of the Federal Liberal Democrats
13:45 Business Motions
  Constitutional Amendment: Conflicts of Interest
  Constitutional Amendment: Support for Welsh Government involving other parties
  Constitutional Amendment: Removing References to the European Union
14:10 Business and Topical/Emergency Motion
  Topical Motion: Ending Violence Against Women in Wales
  Topical Motion: Say No to COVID Passports
  Emergency Motion
  Committing to Community Politics
15:20 Panel Discussion:
  The Work of the Welsh Liberal Democrats in the Senedd and Westminster
15:50 Close of Conference


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