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Action is Needed for Residents following last nights rioting

Last night’s rioting in Mayhill and Waun Wen shows that we need a cross services response that’s going to keep our community safe and now is the time for Swansea Council to take action to prevent a repeat of the horrific and dangerous scenes in the Waun Wen area we saw last night say the Liberal Democrats.

The one glimmer of hope from last night’s carnage was the way community spirit responded to the rioting, from offers of a safe place and a cupper, to businesses such as Window Doctor and The Secret rallying to support shaken residents.

Sam Bennett Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for Swansea's Castle ward said:

“It is wonderful to see local people and businesses rallying to support residents however the council must take full responsibility act to ensure these scenes are never seen on the streets of Swansea ever again

"Last night was no game, and some of the damage to property could have been reduced or even prevented had action been taken in February. The council cannot ignore residents any longer, I personally raised these issues with them to ensure residents voices were heard.

"I am sure the Police and Social Services will have a strong response to this, to make sure Waun Wen residents feel safe at home, but the Council must take steps now to make sure this never happens again. We cannot have another car smash through these bollards again!"

Back in February, Sam wrote to the Council about residents’ concerns and their calls for bollards that would stop cars smashing through the barriers. The response was “there is not budget for this in the Highways budget.”

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