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A ban on e-cigs is completely unjustifiable - Kirsty Williams

The Welsh Labour Government’s proposed ban on using e-cigarettes in enclosed public places is ‘completely unjustifiable’, Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Kirsty Williams has said today.

Kirsty Williams AM said:

“The evidence for this decision is wafer thin. Banning things just for the sake of it isn’t a position any Government should take.

“The Welsh Liberal Democrats believe all decisions should be evidence based, which is why we are opposed to this ban. There is very little evidence to date that e-cigs emit anything more harmful than water vapour. Therefore any ban on e-cigs is completely unjustifiable.

“We often hear how people are using e-cigarettes to help them give up smoking. There is a high chance this heavy handed approach from the Welsh Labour Government could actually be counter-productive.”

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