Wefan Gymraeg

Agenda and Motions

Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19, we're moving our Autumn Conference online!

This Conference will be a shorter event, taking place on Saturday 21st November, and will be hosted online via Hopin.

Download the Conference Agenda

As a result to this delayed date we reset the submission dates for policy submissions, to allow you to put forward new ideas and proposals.

Below are the deadlines for our new 2020 Conference and the motions accepted for debate.

Policy Motions

  • Wales after Coronavirus (Word / PDF) - Submitted by Policy Development Committee
  • Ending Homelessness in Wales (Word / PDF) - Submitted by Policy Development Committee
  • The Vision for Wales in a Federal UK (Word / PDF) - Submitted by 20+ Members
  • A Green Recovery for Wales (Word / PDF) - Submitted by Policy Development Committee
  • 2021 Manifesto (Word / PDF) - Submitted by Policy Development Committee
    • Manifesto Policy Paper (artworked version: PDF, plain text versions: Word / PDF)

Business Motions

  • Contributions from Elected Representatives (Word / PDF) - Submitted by 20 Members

Emergency Motions

  • Must be submitted by 21st November (7am)


If you require assistance with the policy process please email [email protected]