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‘Welsh Labour Government must stop sticking its head in the sand’ – Kirsty Williams

Following the publication of Ann Clwyd's review into the complaints system in the English NHS, Kirsty Williams AM has accused the Welsh Labour Government of continuing to stick its head in the sand.

The UK Coalition Government asked Ann Clwyd MP to conduct a review into the English NHS complaints system after she spoke of the terrible treatment her husband had experienced at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff, which is run by the Welsh NHS.

Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, said:

"While there are differences in the complaints systems in England and Wales, lessons can still be learnt from this review. I hope the Welsh Labour Government take the findings of this report seriously, rather than continuing to stick its head in the sand. While conducting this review, around 25% of the letters and emails Ann Clwyd received were from people in Wales. Wales is not immune to these problems.

"This review happened because the Coalition Government took Ann Clwyd's harrowing story about the treatment of her husband seriously. Despite his mistreatment being in a Welsh hospital, the Coalition acknowledges that these problems are UK wide. Yet what has the Welsh Labour Government done? Nothing. Their inaction has been shameful.

"While the Coalition Government is acting to improve health care in England, the Welsh Labour Government continues to pretend all is well. Things won't improve until the Welsh Labour Government acknowledges the sheer scale of the problems our NHS faces.

"Ann Clwyd has explicitly said that that Wales is behind in 'every instance'. If even one of Labour's own MPs is saying this, surely the Welsh Labour Government should start listening."

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