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“Vote for dignified care” says Kirsty Williams

A vote for the Welsh Liberal Democrats is a vote for dignified care, Kirsty Williams has said today.

In March, Kirsty Williams’ More Nurses Bill made Wales the first part of Europe with safe staffing levels on hospital wards. The Welsh Liberal Democrats have pledged to extend the bill to include mental health wards, maternity wards and community nurses.

The More Nurses Bill was a Private Members Bill, proposed by Kirsty Williams, which was first drawn out of a ballot in 2013. It ensured that there was a legal duty to have sufficient nurse staffing levels on acute hospital wards.

Kirsty will today be taking part in a Q&A hosted by the Royal College of Nursing. Speaking ahead of the visit, Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, said:

“The Welsh Liberal Democrats will ensure Wales is a world leader for patient care.

“People don’t expect miracles from our NHS, but they do expect staff to have the time to treat patients with the dignity they deserve. 17 years of Labour has meant nurses in Wales have more patients each to care for than in any other part of the UK. That must change – a vote for the Welsh Liberal Democrats is a vote for dignified care.

“Through our More Nurses Bill, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have made a big difference to patient care. We are ambitious and determined to go further by putting more nurses on hospital wards and in our communities.

“The Welsh Liberal Democrats have listened to people’s concerns. We all want NHS staff to have the time to care for our loved ones, which is why the Welsh Liberal Democrats will deliver safe staffing levels across the NHS. We’ll put more nurses in our hospitals and in our communities to deliver an NHS that works for you.”

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