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‘Three years wasted due to Labour incompetence’ – Kirsty Williams

The Welsh Labour Government's incompetence on delivering a food strategy has led to three years being wasted, according to Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats.


In 2010 the Welsh Government announced it was to launch 'Food for Wales, Food from Wales' - a food strategy for the next 10 years. However, after three years of promising a 'delivery plan', it has been announced today that the strategy was 'not fit for purpose' and is to be cancelled.

Kirsty Williams, AM for Brecon and Radnorshire said:

"It's all very well for the Minister to describe his own Government's strategy as 'not fit for purpose', but once again it is his Welsh Labour Government's incompetence that is letting everyone down.

"The Food Strategy was launched way back in 2010. Since then the Welsh Liberal Democrats have continued to hold the Government to account, asking for long awaited launch date. Only last month, we were told that the delivery plan still hadn't been decided upon. Now, the Welsh Government says it's not fit for purpose and has been scrapped. That is three years that have been completely wasted. This incompetence really is intolerable for me and Welsh food producers.

"I also can't help but notice that the Minister slipped out this admission of failure during a four hour scrutinising session over his Emergency Bill - another fiasco overseen by the lacklustre Welsh Labour Government.

"This strategy was hugely important to rural Wales. We have some amazing food producers here in Wales who need just a small amount of support to flourish. The Minister needs to stop talking about imaginary strategies and instead start delivering for the people of Wales."

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