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"The Welsh Liberal Democrats would unleash Wales’ business potential" – Tim Farron

The Welsh Liberal Democrats would unleash Wales’ business potential, Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron MP has said today on a visit to Brecon.

Tim Farron criticised the Labour party of treating ‘aspiration’ as if it’s a dirty word, while adding that the Tories are only interested in supporting hedge fund managers.

Speaking ahead of a visit to a local business in Brecon, Tim Farron, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, said:

“Wales should be known as the place where small and medium sized businesses thrive, it just needs a Government with the ambition to make it happen. Kirsty Williams and her team have the ideas to unleash Wales’ business potential. The Welsh Liberal Democrats are the natural home of the entrepreneur, the shopkeeper and the SME business owner.

“Labour continues to treat ‘aspiration’ as a dirty word. Carwyn Jones and Jeremy Corbyn may not trust in the power of business to do good, but we do. We know that business can be a powerful engine for social mobility.

“The Tories’ interest in business ends at supporting hedge fund managers and cutting taxes for their richest donors. Supporting only those at the very top simply makes it harder for everyone else.

“The Welsh Liberal Democrats are unique as they can speak for all of Wales. No other party can deliver economic growth for the whole of Wales. Whether it’s North, South, Mid, rural or urban - the Welsh Liberal Democrats will create an economy that works for you.”

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, said:

“The Welsh Liberal Democrats’ vision of an Opportunity Economy will tear down the barriers that stop Welsh businesses from fulfilling their ambitions.

“We’ll heavily invest in digital infrastructure to improve mobile phone and broadband coverage. We’ll help businesses grow through our Small Business Administration, bringing independent advice and finance together so businesses have the best chance of success. And we will more than double the number of apprenticeships, as we believe in investing in our future workforce.

“The Welsh Liberal Democrats are the party of fresh ideas to create an economy that works for you."

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