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‘Silk report should be blueprint for devolution process' - Kirsty Williams AM

The recommendations featured in today's Silk Report should be a blueprint for further powers coming to Wales, Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats has argued today.

The UK coalition government established the Silk commission to examine the future of the Welsh Assembly's powers. The inquiry was split into two parts, with part two being published today (3rd March).

Kirsty Williams AM commented:

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats helped ensure that the Silk Commission was established as we believe Wales must have a proper functioning parliament. Like the first report, we believe the recommendations published today set out an ideal blueprint for the future of devolution in Wales.

"At every stage the Welsh Liberal Democrats have been pressing to bring more accountability and responsibility to the Welsh government. We also believe that the current devolution model is simply not fit for purpose; this has been shown by the increase in Supreme Court cases. It is time for a new model to be established that clearly defines what is devolved and what is not. Clarity is needed and we welcome that the commission has called for this to be the case.

"In only a short space of time and against much resistance, Liberal Democrats in government have been the driving force in ensuring there is now real momentum behind the devolution process. We have a proud record of bringing decision-making closer to the people of Wales and we will continue to fight for that to be the case."

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