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"Our priorities are your priorities" - Welsh Lib Dems launch election campaign

At the launch of their Assembly election campaign, Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, will unveil the party’s three key priorities to deliver a ‘Wales that works for you’.

The three key policy priorities will be:

  • More Nurses – extending the More Nurses Bill to include mental health wards, maternity wards and community nurses
  • Smaller class sizes – establishing an Infant Class Size Reduction Grant, with funding prioritised towards the largest classes
  • Opportunity Economy – promoting a package supporting people’s aspirations by increasing the number of apprenticeships, supporting small businesses, helping people buy their first home, and delivering a childcare package that enables people to get back to work if they choose to.

Speaking ahead of the launch in Ceredigion, Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, said:

“The vision we are putting forward in this election shows that we are the party that listens.

“We will put people first, which is why our priorities are your priorities: more nurses on hospital wards, smaller class sizes for our children, and an Opportunity Economy so that people can get on in life.

“People don’t expect miracles from our NHS, but they do expect staff to have the time to treat patients with the dignity they deserve. That’s why we will put more nurses on our hospital wards and in our communities.

“We all want teachers to have the time to properly teach our children. That’s why we will deliver smaller class sizes in our schools.

“Everyone wants a secure job and a home to build a better life. That’s why we will create an Opportunity Economy that helps businesses grow and supports people to buy their own home.

“People feel let down by a Labour Government that still fails to get the basics right with our public services and they are tired of politicians constantly lecturing them. For over 150 years the Welsh Liberal Democrats have been fighting for fairness for our communities. We will continue to listen, so we can deliver a Wales that works for you.”

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