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“Obesity: Action not Strategies” says Aled Roberts

Commenting on today's news that one in three children in reception classes in Wales is obese, Aled Roberts, Welsh Liberal Democrats Spokesperson for Children and Young People said:

"These figures are disturbing reading and all the more so because the situation is avoidable.

"The Healthy Eating in Schools (Wales) Measure was passed by the Assembly in 2009, yet we are still waiting for it to be introduced into schools.

"There is also a responsibility on retailers who often discount the most unhealthy food in their supermarkets, and on parents to make more healthy choices for their children.

"Governments and councils also have the ability to influence and minimise the factors which lead to obesity in children.

"In a number of councils, positive steps have been taken to introduce Supplementary Planning Guidance which could limit the availability of the most unhealthy foods during school-time.

"Whilst I was Leader of the council in Wrexham, we introduced a local planning policy on this matter which was adopted by the council in 2011. Planning can clearly support rather than inhibit physical activity and provide access to green spaces for walking and cycling.

"We also decided to control the location of hot food takeaways so that new outlets couldn't be located close to schools or colleges.

"I sincerely hope that today's figures will lead to an improvement in lifestyle choices in Wales."

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