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'Low priority' brexit leak shows Govt is willing to put people's jobs to the slaughter - Welsh Lib Dems

Commenting on the leak in today’s Times that reveals low‑priority industries for Brexit talks, the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

"This document shows that the Government is willing to put people's jobs to the slaughter because they work in the 'wrong' type of industry.  

"People in the steel, telecoms and business services that the Government has decided are low priority are being abandoned by a Conservative Party who refuse to say publicly what they recognise privately- that Brexit will mean real pain for people in industries not prioritised in negotiations.

“This will be a kick in the gut for the steel workers of Part Talbot, whose livelihoods have been consigned as ‘low priority’. The Tories should be ashamed.

"The tens of thousands of people who work in these industries- many of whom voted for Brexit, must be given the chance to say 'no' in a referendum to any deal that risks their livelihoods."

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