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“Latest teacher training review requires urgent and effective implementation” – Aled Roberts

Commenting on today's report on Initial Teacher Training by Professor Ralph Tabberer, Aled Roberts, Welsh Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson said:

"In 2006 a similar review was undertaken which should have led to improvements in teacher training in Wales.

"Instead, here we are, seven years later, being told that the 2006 changes "are not showing clear signs that they are working together effectively, collaboratively, on an all-Wales strategic level to make provision even better and to raise the standard and quality of ITT across Wales".

"Given the track record of this Welsh Labour Government in implementing past review recommendations, I have to wonder what, if any, practical and effective action will be taken to raise teacher training standards in Wales as a result of this latest review.

"It is clear from evidence taken at Children and Young People Committee last week that the Welsh Government is tasked with leadership in teacher training. Given the emphasis on improving attainment in our schools and that the quality of teaching is identified as an area requiring input we have to ask where they've been up to now. These institutions are also involved in the introduction of Master's qualification so there is need for these issues to be addressed urgently.

"Looking forward, we need to attract our more able students into the teaching profession which requires a constructive approach to teachers from Government; we also need to ensure that once recruited, however, the courses they undertake are of a consistently high quality.

"To achieve this the person charged with pushing this agenda forward must command the confidence of the profession, and it will be interesting to see who is appointed to the post of Senior Expert Adviser on ITT."

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