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‘First Minister’s decision is indefensible’ – Kirsty Williams AM

Today the First Minister has announced that he won't take any further action over the conduct of the Natural Resources Minister. This is despite admitting in his own statement that the Minister has clearly breached the Ministerial Code over his conduct.

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

"The First Minister's decision is indefensible. How can you admit that someone has broken the rules but then refuse to punish them? This begs the question of what even is the point of the Ministerial Code?

"Time and time again this Minister has failed to conduct his duties properly. A committee found him 'evasive' and not on top of his brief, he undermined the democratic process by desperately using an Emergency Bill and now he has been found to have broken the Ministerial Code. It seems the competence of a Labour Minister is completely irrelevant to whether they can continue in their position.

"The First Minister dithered on his decision and has now completely failed in his duty to hold his Minister to account.  This is a bad day for the National Assembly.

"This shows precisely the problems with the current system. Because there is no official system in place, the Welsh Labour Government can do as it chooses and protect one of its own even whilst admitting its Minister has broken the rules.

"It is inconceivable for the First Minister not to make the Permanent Secretary's report public and he must do so today. 

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats have been calling for reform of the Ministerial Code for many years now. This sorry episode once again shows why an independent advisor is needed on the Ministerial codeKirsty at conference rally Glasgow 2013

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