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“European Union Court ruling on World Cup matches is a victory for UK football fans” – Alec Dauncey

Alec Dauncey, Welsh Liberal Democrat European candidate, has welcomed the Court of Justice of the European Union's decision to reject a legal appeal by Fifa and Uefa, ruling that World Cup and European Championship football matches must remain free-to-air TV events.

Fifa and Uefa wanted matches not featuring England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland to be sold off to pay-per-view channels.

Today's ruling upheld a 2011 decision by the European General Court that the UK could keep World Cup and European Championship football matches on a list of free-to-air sporting events.

Alec Dauncey said:

"I am delighted that Welsh football fans will be able to watch World Cup and European Championship football matches on free-to-air TV channels.

"Fifa and Uefa already make a lot of money from fans. It would have been very sad if one of the world's biggest sporting competitions, the World Cup, became a pay-per-view event, available only to those who could afford it.

"Significant global sporting events, such as the Olympics and the World Cup, should always be free to view and I am delighted that the European Court agrees. Although Fifa and Uefa do need to be able to earn a good income, sport at this level should be more than just a money-making operation which excludes loyal fans.

"The European Union Court of Justice is about having fair rules across all EU countries. I am glad that Britain's EU membership has safeguarded our right to enjoy future World Cups without paying a premium."

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