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"Ed Miliband is a threat to our economic recovery" - Jenny Willott MP

As Ed Miliband visits Cardiff today, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have warned that the Labour Party are a threat to the economic recovery.

Cardiff Central MP Jenny Willott also accused Ed Miliband of talking down a Cardiff City Deal, after talks were initiated by the Coalition Government following months of inaction by the Labour-run Cardiff Council.

Jenny Willott, Lib Dem MP for Cardiff Central, said:

"It’s all very well packing his so-called ‘People’s Question Time’ with hand-picked Labour party members, but Miliband would be better served getting out and actually speaking to people on Cardiff's doorsteps. He would hear how people are tired of Cardiff’s Labour Council spending more time infighting and quelling rebellions from their own councillors than doing what's right for our city.

"I'm astonished to hear Miliband talk down a Cardiff City Deal. Labour's shambolic council has completely failed to get its act together on this important issue, which is exactly why it has been left to the Welsh Liberal Democrats to make the case for this to happen.

"Miliband’s words today ring hollow when Ed Balls has already said Labour wouldn’t reverse a single measure that featured in the Budget. People are fed up with Labour pretending they'll magically make everything better, when everyone knows they will simply ramp up our country's debt, trash our economy, and leave us with even less money for our public services.

"The Liberal Democrat plan for a stronger economy is the rock on which our recovery is being built. The Tories just want to cut, while Labour just wants to borrow more - both parties would jeopardise our recovery. It is only the Liberal Democrats that will keep our economy on the straight and narrow."

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