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“Certainty and communication are key to education success” – Aled Roberts

Aled Roberts, Welsh Liberal Democrat AM for North Wales and the party's Spokesperson on Education, is today calling on the Welsh Government to provide certainty to schools in Wales by confirming how long it will continue to fund the Pupil Deprivation Grant.


Commenting, Aled Roberts said:

"Two years ago,Welsh Liberal Democrats were successful in securing a Pupil Deprivation Grant to help youngsters on free school meals get extra help in school to make sure they fulfil their potential.

"Our research clearly shows that the grant is raising attainment but in too many cases the schools are unclear how long the grant will continue, and this obviously impacts on their ability to plan ahead.

"Additionally, I am calling on the Welsh Government to work with Estyn to ensure that every school adopts an individual pupil monitoring programme to measure pupils' progress, allowing schools to target efforts at those pupils who are not meeting their potential.

"Research by the Sutton Trust and Ofsted has shown that a targeted approach is by far the best way to improve standards - helping schools and pupils alike.

"I have also been pressing the Welsh Government for timescales and figures on the production of the communication strategy recommended in the Review of Qualifications when it was published last November, and I was pleased to finally have an answer from the First Minister at Questions yesterday as well as a letter from the new Education Minister.

"I will be asking the Minister to elaborate on his proposals during the course of today's debate."

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