Wefan Gymraeg

£450 million for the Welsh NHS

Our NHS is our most treasured public service and it is safe in Liberal Democrat hands. We are the only political party to set out a credible, costed plan to maintain high-quality NHS care, free when you need it.

Simon Stevens, the Chief Executive of NHS England, has said the Health Service needs £8 billion a year more by 2020 to cope with the challenges it faces. The Liberal Democrats will increase NHS spending by at least £8 billion a year by 2020, and have set out how we will pay for it. The other parties have refused to commit to giving the NHS the funding it needs.


What is the Lib Dem policy on the NHS?

Our NHS is the envy of the world, and we will fund it properly, deliver equal care for mental health and ensure safe staffing levels. We will enshrine parity of esteem between mental and physical health on the face of future legislation, expand liaison psychology services, and revolutionise children’s mental health services. We will ensure easier access to GPs, create a network of Healthy Living Pharmacies to improve patients' information about their health and lifestyle choices. We will introduce an annual Carer’s Bonus of £250 for carers looking after someone for 35 hours or more each week.

How will the NHS be supported?

The Liberal Democrats will put an extra £8 billion a year into the English NHS by 2020. We will raise NHS spending by £1 billion a year above inflation until we’ve balanced the books in 2018, funded by scrapping the Tory ‘shares for rights’ scheme, increasing dividend tax on the highest earners and tightening the cap on pension tax relief. Once we’ve eliminated the deficit, we’ll raise the NHS budget in line with economic growth, so that it will be getting at least an extra £8 billion a year by 2020. This will mean up to £450 million extra for Wales to spend on the NHS.

What are abour and Conservative plans for the NHS?

Labour have only pledged an extra £2.5 billion for the NHS in 2017-18, and have not guaranteed this for the whole of the next Parliament. They have no plan to eliminate the deficit, so they will not be able to fund the £8 billion increase the NHS needs by 2020. The Conservatives have refused to lay out their plans to provide the NHS with the £8 billion it needs.

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