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£15m grant to build community learning centres

By , Apr 15, 2019 10:04

Kirsty Williams, Welsh Liberal Democrat Education Minister, has announced a £15million Community Hubs Capital Grant fund to provide 21 community hubs and learning centres. The fund will boost community facilities in schools, providing projects that cater for the local community.

This could be through adapting existing buildings for wider community use, for example increasing the size of a school hall.  It could provide specialist facilities that widen use, or enhance sporting facilities which can be used by the community.

Funding will also help create spaces to meet a specific need within local communities, such as vocational skills or learning new languages.

The investment is part of the 21st Century Schools and Education Programme, replacing and refurbishing education buildings throughout Wales.

Kirsty Williams, Welsh Liberal Democrat Minister for Education, said:

“Improving the quality of school buildings and providing access to state of the art facilities has clear educational benefits, and it can have benefits for communities too.

“Ensuring schools meet the needs of their local communities is important and this fund will help them to do that. Funding will facilitate the building of new centres, and the upgrading of existing facilities, to help provide communities with essential services.”

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