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22% increase in Wales hate crimes needs tougher response from governments

"Hate has no part to play in our society," writes Equalities Spokesperson Cadan ap Tomos

By Cadan ap Tomos, Oct 17, 2017 12:10

Statistics released today detailing yet another increase in hate crimes across Wales show the needs of minority communities need much greater attention from the Governments in Westminster and Cardiff Bay.

There were 2,941 hate crimes across Wales in 2016/17 according to Government figures published today, compared to 2,405 a year earlier - an increase of 22%.

This was quite a uniform increase too, with rises recorded in hate crimes in Wales against all five strands – race, religion, sexual orientation, disability and transgender – as well as in all four Welsh police force areas.

As politicians we have a duty to be responsible with our words as well as our actions, and we should lead by example. Hate has no part to play in our society and these figures should act as a wake up call to the governments at each end of the M4.

The detailed report shows significant spikes in hate crime figures were recorded around the time of the EU referendum, as well as following the recent terrorist attacks in London and Manchester. This disgraceful rise in hate crime shows we are a nation divided, fuelled by recent events that some have used to pit communities against each other.

The Prime Minister’s pandering to the right-wing and Jeremy Corbyn's unwillingness to tackle anti-semitism in his own party are dramatic failures of leadership, which is disastrous for community relations up and down our country.

Hate crime is bred from ignorance, intolerance and divisive political agendas of all kinds. We need to bring our country together, and foster a new understanding and respect of the things that make us different.

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