Wefan Gymraeg

Team 2017


What can I do?

This is the question being asked by those of us who share decent, tolerant and liberal values.

Here's our answer; this year - 2017 - is the opportunity for our Fightback in Wales. Our opportunity to elect candidates standing for the open, tolerant and united Wales we believe in. Brexit and the politics of fear are a real threat to our values, and we must keep fighting for them.

What next?

Here's how we do it.

It's simple. By joining Team 2017 and completing just four tasks, you can help us reach voters with our message, give candidates a shot of winning, and build on our party's momentum.

That's all it takes. Four tasks to help give us a fighting chance in this year's local council elections.

1. Join our Rapid Response Team

We'll share key messages, articles and ready made social media content for you to share with your friends and family. You'll be able to pick and choose what it is you share - we'll do the work!

2. Pledge to vote

Pledge your vote for the Welsh Lib Dems in 2017 and ask others to join you! We need your help to identify supporters and potential supports to build a strong campaign across Wales this year.

The more people who tell us they'll back us now the more people we'll be able to reach before May.

3. Become a Team 2017 Volunteer

We need each and every one of you to play a full role in our party's Fightback and to elect candidates in May; we need people up and down the country doing whatever they can to help. Our Fightback starts with volunteers, activists and councillors in their communities taking action.

You can help by knocking on doors, delivering leaflets, host a fundraising event, help out online, make phonecalls from home, stuff envelopes - the list goes on.

4. Fundraise

To be able to reach voters either online or by post we need the funds to deliver it.

If everyone donated whatever they could, or - even better - set up a standing order to donate each month, we can give candidates in every corner of Wales the help they need to edge closer to the finish line. £30 will buy us 1,000 leaflets to help local parties get out our message. £25 will allow us to run a Facebook campaign to identify voters and recruit new members.


Four tasks. That's all we need you to do to give us a real shot at making 2017 our Fightback year - electing decent, tolerant and liberal councillors who will stand up and fight for their communities and our values to make Wales a better place for everyone.