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Peter Brown


Newport East 

Pete Brown is a Liberal Democrat activist in Newport and the party’s candidate in Newport East.  He is married with three adult children: one daughter is a recent graduate, the other is a nurse, while his son is a worker with refugees in Greece.  

He grew up in the Newport docklands (Pill) in a family of dock workers and after leaving school he travelled widely working as an archaeologist, before taking a degree in Archaeology and History at the University of Leicester.  Since then he has worked in the public, private and voluntary sectors and has been self-employed for much of his life.  His roles include training manager, project manager, regeneration co-ordinator and researcher.  He has also worked as a university lecturer and taught in further education, adult education and as a prison teacher.  Work with European structural funds included managing projects as well as being the co-ordinator for a managing agency that oversaw the delivery of a national programme developing small businesses.  He has published widely in history and archaeology, as well as works in business and management.  From 2004–2016 he worked for the university in Newport, managing a European project for adult learners, developing new curriculum and lecturing in a range of heritage-related subjects, designed to strengthen the local heritage tourism sector.  He now works as a distance tutor, researcher, writer and public speaker.  

Although interested in politics since student days, he became more active before the 2010 General Election, sensing the opportunity to support a Liberal Democrat surge that could change the political landscape, as the Labour Party finally lost power. He continues to fight for the systemic changes that the country badly needs, but which have been obstructed for generations by the Labour and Conservative parties, both of which gain power from an increasingly-unrepresentative and outdated system.

He is highly critical of the way the EU referendum was conducted and the way that the result has been used by the Tories to claim power for their own ends.  He fully supports the Liberal Democrats’ call to offer the voters a say on the outcome of the negotiations, before – as looks likely – we leave both the EU and the Single Market with almost no trade agreements left with any countries.  Such an outcome would be disastrous for the whole country and particularly for Wales, which receives more funding per head from the EU than any other part of the UK.  Pete will fight to give the people a say in this process and to ensure that the badly-conceived Brexit plans of the Tories and Labour are minimised in the damage they can do to our economy. 

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