Pete Williams

Peter Williams cut his political teeth in 2011 when he first stood as LibDem Assembly candidate for Alyn and Deeside. Peter is a retail manager for one of Britain’s leading companies and is presently based at Broughton Retail Park, Flintshire.

A graduate in Politics from Lancaster University he lives in Hawarden, Deeside, with his wife Alexandra and children Seren and Georgia. Peter and Alex, have for several years been a host family to youngsters from across Europe who visit Britain as language students. In his spare time, Peter is an active member of a Deeside Martial Arts Club.                                             

His main campaign themes are:                                

  • A better NHS in Wales, better access for everyone at all levels and equality of for Mental Health services. To extend our new More Nurses law to cover Maternity wards, Mental health services and Community nursing teams.                                                              
  • A better education for all, there has been measurable improvement in the achievements of our most deprived children since the introduction of LibDem support funding, known as the Pupil Premium.
  • Protection of Flintshire’s environment against overdevelopment and fracking.

Peter says, “This is an election that matters to everyone who lives in Alyn and Deeside. It’s the Welsh Government is responsible of our NHS, our schools and our environment. These affect our daily lives and the LibDems have already been able to have an impact on these important matters. The Safer Nurse Levels law will give us more nurses and give the nurses more time to care for patients.

The extra money that comes straight into A&D schools to help the children most in need of extra support, has life-long benefits for every one of these children.

The LibDems have achieved more for the Welsh people than all the other opposition parties. This demonstrates just how determined we are to make a positive difference. Labour in the Assembly without a majority have had to listen to good sense and the needs of ordinary people because of the LibDems.

As an Assembly Member for Alyn & Deeside I will ensure that South Wales hears the needs of North Wales and of Deeside in particular.

LibDems have a positive view for everyone’s future and a can-do attitude to getting things done. Just 5 AMs have already achieved so much.

I offer myself as a proud Deesider for election to the Assembly to be a positive representative for Alyn and Deeside.


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