Wefan Gymraeg

Stand to lead the Welsh Liberal Democrats;

The following positions are available for nomination at our 2017 Autumn Conference. The nomination criteria is available below.

Please contact the Acting Returning Officer if you have any questions on mk@matthewkidner.com

  1. Pakey_ballott.jpgrty Leader Nomination Form
  2. President Nomination Form
  3. Deputy President Nomination Form
  4. Treasurer Nomination Form
  5. Conference Committee Members x4 Nomination Form
  6. Campaigns and Candidates Committee Members x2 Nomination Form
  7. National Executive Committee Members x3 Nomination Form
  8. National Policy Committee x1 (General) x1 (Unitary Authority Rep) Nomination Form

Related Documents

Welsh Party Election Rules

Welsh Party Constitution

Constitutional Changes Motion for the eligibility for Party Leader adopted by the CRP subject to ratification at Autumn Conference 2017

Additional Information

Nominations for leader of the party shall only be accepted from current serving MPs, MEPs and AMs who are members of the Welsh Liberal Democrats. Should there be no nominations received by the close of nominations, then nominations shall immediately be reopened to Peers and Approved Candidates. The reopening of nominations is subject to ratification of a change to the constitution at the Autumn Conference.

Prospective candidates should also provide artwork for a manifesto. The rules on the artwork are slightly different depending on the position to which the candidate is being nominated. For Leader of the Party, President or Deputy President please refer to Annex 1 Appendix 3 section D.1. of the constitution for guidance on permissible manifestos. For committee positions, please refer to Annex 1 Appendix 1 Section C.3.

Those wishing to stand for committee positions may also wish to refer to Annex 3 of the constitution for a better understanding of what each committee does. A copy of the current published constitution is available on website page given above.


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