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Universal Basic Income and the Welsh Perspective

In Wales, like the rest of the UK, we are seeing increasing homelessness and food bank usage. The UK Government continues to roll out a Universal Credit system that will exacerbate this poverty. No compassionate politician can resign themselves to worsening poverty. We need to look for progressive solutions and to continue our opposition to government policies that demonise the poor.

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Welsh Lib Dems urge reduction in Mental Health Act detentions

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have welcomed a modest fall in the number of people detained in Wales under the Mental Health Act but have urged faster progress and expressed concern that two police forces detained more people than last year.

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Trans rights are human rights

Everyone should be able to live their life free from hate, bigotry and discrimination.

Sadly, for many Trans people, that is not the case. Last year more than a third of Trans people in the UK were victims of a hate crime.

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Welsh Lib Dems welcome progress on Gender Identity Services

We welcome the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Services Vaughan Gething’s update on the progress made on improvements to gender identity services in Wales. However, we also urge the Cabinet Secretary to ensure a cultural change across NHS Wales in the way it supports the health needs of trans individuals.

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Welsh Lib Dems reveal a third of prisoners abandoned on release

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have revealed that over a third of the prisoners released from Welsh prisons are released into “unsettled” or “unknown” accommodation.

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Wales strongly opposed to a no deal Brexit

Following a Sky data poll showing 73% of Welsh voters would vote to remain in the event of a no deal Brexit, the Welsh Lib Dems have called for the people to be given the final say on Brexit.

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Supporting People Programme must be protected

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have backed the Cymorth Cymru led campaign to protect the Supporting People Programme and praised the vital funding the programme provides to organisations supporting vulnerable people.

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Welsh Lib Dems call for better rural mental healthcare

Speaking at the Royal Welsh Show, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have called for better mental healthcare in rural areas to deal with the unique needs and experiences of rural communities.

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Farmers need an Exit from Brexit

Speaking at the Royal Welsh Show, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have called for an exit from Brexit to protect Welsh agriculture and rural communities.

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Urgent summit on drought needed

The Welsh Liberal Democrats urgently call on the Welsh Government to consider bringing forward payments from the BPS (Basic Payment Scheme) to alleviate financial hardship resulting from the ongoing drought.


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