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'Low priority' brexit leak shows Govt is willing to put people's jobs to the slaughter - Welsh Lib Dems

Commenting on the leak in today’s Times that reveals low‑priority industries for Brexit talks, the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

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Welsh Lib Dems refuse to “kowtow to the nasty misogynist.”

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have hit out at Welsh Conservative Leader Andrew RT Davies after saying that he would welcome President Trump to the Welsh Assembly.

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Mark Williams comments on passing of Government Brexit Bill

Mark Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, has commented on the passing of the government’s Brexit Bill through the House of Commons.

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“We all must bridge the divisions in our communities” – Welsh Lib Dems

All of us must make an effort to reach out to different parts of our community, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have said on Visit My Mosque Day.

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'Tory Brexit Bill fails to protect Wales’ interests' – Mark Williams MP

Mark Williams, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion and Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, has today voted against the Second Reading of the Government’s Brexit Bill.

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Voting reform an ‘integral part of delivering better public services and a fairer Wales’ - Cllr Peter Black

The Welsh Government have published proposals for Local Government reform, which includes taking steps towards voting reform through the Single Transferable Vote. 

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Political influence questioned as health body drops e-cigs opposition

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have questioned the sudden decision by Public Health Wales to change their position on e-cigarettes and recommend their use as a smoking cessation tool.

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Do you get déjà vu?

How many times have you woken up with that sinking feeling?

Mark Williams MP responds to Supreme Court Ruling

Commenting on the Supreme Court ruling on triggering Article 50, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Mark Williams, said;

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Dem Rhydd Cymru yn cyhoeddu cynlluniau i leihau maint dosbarthiadau babanod

Mae’r Ysgrifennydd Addysg Dem Rhydd Cymru Kirsty Williams wedi cyhoeddi cronfa newydd i leihau maint dosbarthiadau babanod a chodi safonau.