Denis Campbell


Candidate for the Vale of Glamorgan

I’m standing in The Vale of Glamorgan because 17 years of Labour’s ‘divine right to rule,’ neglect and failure to lead has taken a toll on our nation. The Tories mean-spirited, tunnel-vision response to the junior doctor’s contract (or anyone who disagrees with them…), shows they’re not a leadership option for Wales. Ukip is a one-issue ‘shock and awe’ media personality party. Plaid and The Greens are essentially invisible. Only the Welsh Liberal Democrats punch consistently above their weight as a party working for constituents.

After 17 years of Labour ‘leadership’:

  1. There is no plan for economic development and job creation
  2. Teachers are stressed over league table tests, having to complete forms vs. teach
  3. The NHS is being privatized, dismantled and sold for parts by the Tories (who blame Welsh Labour, who in turn blame the Westminster Tories).
  4. There’s too much mindless development with zero thought to infrastructure: road repairs, public transport, local authority budgets, schools, etc.
  5. We’re weary of finger-pointing blame games vs. ‘getting things done.’

Elected officials MUST do a better job and work for the full five years vs. the six months leading up to an election when they want your vote.

The Vale’s been my home for 12 years. My children go to school here. My life is built around taking massive action where needed to bring about change. I joined the LibDems weeks after their biggest election defeat ever. Why? We’re a party of action. We care about people, results and you getting a return on your tax payments. That any member of the Assembly or Minister can avoid responding to a constituent for up to a month (‘17 working days’) is unconscionable.

After 30 years in business and as a journalist, it was time to more than provide commentary. I run a media company, change consultancy, London-based global customer excellence practice group working with top retail clients. I help businesses to use every digital tool they can to grow their audience and business. The ‘digital age’ is more than fancy terminology, slick videos and slideshows. It is how Wales will compete. The problem is it requires real development vs. Labour’s ‘for-show’ qangos.

Seven years of my life was spent building Miami’s Beacon Council. What we did is still referred to as ‘The Miami Miracle.’ We built a massive public/private partnership where our only goal was improving a city laced with drugs, crime and corruption vs. feathering our own nests. The rising tide would (and did) lift all boats. Our focused, 30-year plan revitalised the region and led to record growth. Every milestone was reached because there were no personal agendas in the room, rather Miami-focused, direct selling. It required tenacity, a laser focus and massive action where failure was indeed possible. We need a similar group ready to put Wales first!

I am standing to create high value jobs for our children and keep them motivated to stay, work and live in Wales. It can be done. I know, because I did it before.

Click here to read my personal manifesto.


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