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Peter Black

AC Gorllewin De Cymru

Bywgraffiad Peter Black portrait

Mae Peter Black wedi bod yn Aelod Cynulliad dros Orllewin Dr Cymru i'r Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol ers 1999. Mae Peter hefyd yn aelod arweiniol ar Gyngor Abertawe o ganlyniad i'w cynrychiolaeth dros Ward Cwmbwrla ers 1984.

Born in 1960 in Bebington Wirral, he was educated at Wirral Grammar School for Boys and graduated from Swansea University in 1981 with a degree in English and History.

He is a former civil servant, having worked in the Land Registry for Wales from 1983 to 1999. He is married to Angela and lives in Manselton.

Peter is a former Leader of the Opposition in City and County of Swansea and has also served as the Chair of the Welsh Liberal Democrats in the past.

Peter is the Welsh Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Local Government, Heritage, Housing and Finance.

Mae ei ddiddordebau yn cynnwys His interests include ffilm, theatr, barddoniaeth a ffuglen wyddonol.

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Diweddariadau Diweddar

  • Peter Black portrait (Richard Thomas)
    Erthygl: 2014 Ion 14

    The Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black has welcomed the news that the Minister for Culture and Sport has abandoned plans to merge the heritage body, CADW with the Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales.

    There was extensive consultation on the merger but the feedback was inconclusive therefore the Labour Government have decided to maintain the status quo.

  • Erthygl: 2013 Rhag 9

    87% of house builders believe that Welsh Labour Government regulation has significantly increased their costs, according to a recent survey conducted by the Welsh Liberal Democrats.

    The Welsh Liberal Democrats recently contacted all house builders in Wales. Exactly 100 house builders, consisting of both small and big businesses, responded in full to the survey.

  • Erthygl: 2013 Tach 26

    Welsh Liberal Democrat Social Justice spokesperson, Peter Black AM, has called on Welsh Labour Government to do more to tackle fuel poverty after figures have shown that there were 640 more 'excess winter deaths' last year compared to the previous year.

    Statistics show that there were 1,900 excess winter deaths in 2012-2013, up from 1,260 in 2011-2012. This means that there were 1,900 more deaths in Wales in the winter period than there were in the non-winter period.

  • Erthygl: 2013 Tach 25

    Responding to the launch of the Welsh Government's housing equity scheme 'Help to Buy', Peter Black, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Housing Minister, said:

    "It is staggering how long it has taken the Welsh Labour Government to get this scheme up and running.

    "The UK Coalition's Equity Loan scheme has been a huge help for buyers in England and has significantly boosted the construction industry. Sadly, due to a lack of action from the Welsh Labour Government, Welsh buyers have been left without this vital support up until now. I am pleased that at long last this scheme has finally been launched.

  • Aled Roberts portrait
    Erthygl: 2013 Tach 6

    Aled Roberts, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Education, has accused the Welsh Government of being at odds over its expectation for December's PISA results.

    PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) compares international standards in education. In 2010 Wales was ranked 38th for reading out of 67, 40th for maths and 30th for science. These results were roundly considered unacceptable with the then Education Minister describing them as "a wake-up call to a complacent system". The First Minister has repeatedly stated that he expects to see improvements when PISA reports back this December. However, the Education Minister today stated in the National Assembly that it would not be "realistic" to expect improvements by then.

  • Erthygl: 2013 Hyd 22

    Commenting on the Finance Minister's letter to the Finance Committee confirming that Wales has already received consequential funding thanks to the UK Government's spending on HS2, Peter Black, Shadow Minister for Finance said:

    "It is welcome news that Wales has received extra investment from the UK Government due to the HS2 project.

  • Erthygl: 2013 Hyd 16

    Responding to the local government settlement published today, the Welsh Liberal Democrats Local Government Spokesperson, Peter Black, called on councils to prioritise vulnerable people in their spending plans.

    "This is the first year that Welsh Councils have not been protected from the very difficult economic climate," said Mr. Black. "However, they have been aware that these cuts have been coming for some time and have had an opportunity to prepare for them. That does not make the decision making-process any easier but it does mean that officials and councillors have had time to think through how they make savings.

  • Erthygl: 2013 Hyd 16

    Responding to the statistics released today showing that the average House Price had increased by 1.0% over the last 12 months, the Welsh Liberal Democrats Housing Spokesperson, Peter Black, has called on the Welsh Labour Government to get the Help to Buy Cymru scheme up and running as soon as possible.

  • Erthygl: 2013 Hyd 10

    The Welsh Liberal Democrat spokesperson on social justice, Peter Black has warned that the Big Six energy suppliers will all put up prices ready for winter when our power consumption goes up.

    Mr. Black was commenting in the light of the decision by SSE, who own SWALEC in Wales that they will increase prices by 8.2%. He believes that all the signs are that the remaining energy suppliers will follow suit and increase their gas and electricity prices further before the end of the year.

  • Erthygl: 2013 Hyd 9

    Commenting on the capital investment package that has been announced today by the Welsh Government, Peter Black, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Finance, said:

    "I am pleased that we convinced the Welsh Labour Government to increase funding for the Health Technology Fund. The Welsh Liberal Democrats called for this fund to be created so that patients would have better access to innovative treatments. Patients will now have better cancer treatments and telemedicine available to them.