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Kirsty Williams

Arweinydd Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru

AC Brycheiniog a Sir Faesyfed

Kirsty Williams portrait


Arweinydd Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru yw Kirsty Williams. Mae hi wedi cynnal nifer o swyddi dros ei phlaid megis Dirprwy Lywydd Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru (1999-2000) a Chadeirydd Pwyllgor y Cynulliad dros Iechyd a Gwasanaethau Cymdeithasol (1999-2003). Mae hi'n cynrhychioli Brycheiniog a Sir Faesyfed yn y Cynulliad ers 1999, gan amddiffyn ei sedd yn 2003, 2007 a 2011.

She was born in Taunton Somerset in March 1971 to Welsh parents, her father a librarian from Llanelli and her mother a housewife from Swansea.

After a brief spell in Somerset and Liverpool the family returned to the village of Bynea in Carmarthenshire when Kirsty was 3 years old. Kirsty was educated at the village primary school and St. Michaels School Llanelli. She studied for her degree, a B.A. Hons in American Studies at Manchester University and The University of Missouri.

Prior to her career in politics Kirsty worked at Carmarthenshire College and for a small business in Cardiff as a Marketing Executive. Kirsty married Richard Rees in September 2000. They have three daughters, Angharad born in September 2001, Carys born May 2004 and Rachel in April 2006. They live on the family farm just outside Brecon.


Kirsty joined the Liberal Party at the age of 15; since that time she has held a variety of posts within the party including Deputy President of the Welsh Liberal Democrats 1998-2000. She fought the Ogmore constituency in the 1997 General Election.

Following the Assembly Referendum in 1997 she was appointed to the National Assembly Advisory Group by the then Secretary of State for Wales, Ron Davies. She was selected to fight the Brecon & Radnorshire Constituency for the Welsh Liberal Democrats in 1998. She successfully won the seat in 1999 and became the party's health spokesperson and Chair of the Assembly's Health and Social Services Committee 1999-2003.

Kirsty successfully defended her Brecon & Radnorshire seat in 2003, 2007 and 2011.

Diddordebau Gwleidyddol

Iechyd, Gwasanaethau Cymdeithasol, Amaethyddiaeth a Phobl Ifanc.

Diddordebau Cyffredinol

Marchogaeth, mynd i'r gym a helpu ar y fferm.

Manylion Cyswllt

Cysylltwch â Kirsty Williams.

Diweddariadau Diweddar

  • Erthygl: 2012 Tach 8

    Responding to the budget deal agreed between the Welsh Government and Plaid Cymru, Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

    "I have always maintained that the Welsh Liberal Democrats would not back a budget that does not make progress towards closing the funding gap with England - starting with the poorest children who need the extra help the most. For too long, social background has been a deciding factor in a child's achievement and future prospects, whether it be in health, occupation or further higher education.

  • Erthygl: 2012 Tach 8

    Following the debate on the Welsh Ambulance Trust called by the Welsh Liberal Democrats, the Health Minister has ordered a review into the Trust. Commenting on yet another review, Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

    "The Health Minister seems to believe that calling for another review into the ambulance service will solve all its problems. Over the last decade, we've seen countless reviews into the ambulance service and the Labour government still can't guarantee that an ambulance will get to you within eight minutes 65% of the time.

  • Erthygl: 2012 Tach 7

    Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, has today given her backing to Winston Roddick, a former police constable, barrister, judge and Counsel General of the National Assembly, who is standing as an independent candidate in the Police and Crime Commissioner election in North Wales.

    Kirsty Williams said:

  • Erthygl: 2012 Tach 6

    Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats will lead an Assembly debate this Wednesday highlighting the Welsh Labour Government's failings in the handling of Wales' ambulance service.

    Only last month the Welsh Liberal Democrats exposed the fact that the ambulance service was without an operational budget, despite it being six months into the 2012-13 financial year. This follows statistics recently released that have shown that every month for the last four months the 'All Wales Target' of 65% for immediately life threatening calls to be responded to within 8 minutes has been missed.

  • Erthygl: 2012 Hyd 24

    Cancer waiting times released today have shown that the percentage of patients starting their treatment within the Government's target time has declined to worrying levels.

    The Welsh Labour Government's target is for 95% of urgent suspected cancer patients to be seen by a cancer specialist by 62 days. Over the most recent quarter, the target was missed by 10% with just 85.3% of patients being seen within the target time - a 3% drop compared to the previous quarter.

  • Erthygl: 2012 Hyd 16

    The Welsh Labour Government's health recruitment campaign has filled just five vacancies since it was first launched, according to a letter from the Health Minister to the Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Kirsty Williams.

    Despite the recruitment drive being launched in February, the letter from the Health Minister revealed that in January 2012 there were 214 medical vacancies in Wales and in June 2012, there were 209 vacancies.

  • Erthygl: 2012 Hyd 16

    Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, is calling on the Welsh Government to conduct a national audit of asbestos in schools following the closure of a school in Caerphilly.

    Cwmcarn High School, which has more than 900 pupils, shut late last Friday after a structural report identified asbestos. Many school buildings in Wales were built between the 1940s and 1980s, when asbestos was used extensively.

  • Erthygl: 2012 Hyd 9

    The Welsh Labour Government has once again ignored calls for there to be a debate on the Ministerial Code.

    In this afternoon's Business Questions, the Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Kirsty Williams, called for time to be made to discuss the fact that, unlike the Scottish and UK Governments, the First Minister is solely responsible for dealing with alleged breaches of the Welsh Ministerial Code.

  • Erthygl: 2012 Hyd 2

    On the day that the Welsh Labour Government publishes its draft budget, Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, has set out her party's priorities for what she believes the budget must include.

    The Welsh Liberal Democrats will be pushing the Welsh Government to invest more in the education of pupils from deprived backgrounds.

  • Erthygl: 2012 Hyd 1

    Inadequate junior doctor training and educational opportunities at Wales' hospitals are putting the Welsh NHS at risk as medical graduates could decide to

    further their training outside of Wales.

    A General Medical Council survey of 2,226 junior doctors in Wales revealed huge inconsistencies in the standard of medical training at Welsh hospitals.