Clare Bentley


Candidate for Neath

Clare Bentley is a 22 year old graduate of Swansea University, who has just completed her MA in Development and Human Rights. She is engaged to Liam and currently working for Swansea Probation Service as a clerical officer.

Commenting on her selection, Clare said: “The Liberal Democrats commitment to education and training is very important to me and to the Neath constituency. That is evident in our recent Assembly budget deal which secured an additional investment of £1,050 for every pupil on free school meals, meaning local schools will each be tens of thousands of pounds better off. In addition we have agreed funding for 5,000 new apprenticeships over the next two years and reduced bus fares for 16 and 17 year olds.”

The Welsh Liberal Democrats Regional Assembly Member, Peter Black welcomed the selection: “Clare is an excellent candidate who will be fighting hard to campaign on the many benefits the Liberal Democrats have brought to the area as a result of being in Government.

“There are 52,100 workers in the Neath Port Talbot area who are paying £700 less in tax compared to 2010, thanks to the Liberal Democrats in Government. From April 2015 that will rise to £820. Locally, 4,740 low earners have been lifted out of paying income tax altogether since 2010.”

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Phone: 07535 617852
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