Wefan Gymraeg

Carole O'Toole

Candidate for Wrexham

Originally, from South Wales, Carole was born, raised and educated in Cardiff. Carole has lived with her family in Wrexham for 38 years.
Throughout that time Carole has been active in the community in many different ways whether through work,  the voluntary sector, the Church and as a school and college governor. Carole was a member for the former Yale's College Governing Body for 24 years and for the last nine Chair of the Governing Body. Carole currently sits on the governing Body of Alexandra CP School in Wrexham.
Carole was awarded the MBE in 2014.
Carole is a retired social worker and is particularly interested in health and social care issues. 
Carole has been actively involved in politics for thirty years and is the Chair of the Welsh Liberal Democrats National Executive Committee.
For the last nine years until this May, Carole has represented the Maesydre ward in Wrexham on Wrexham County Borough chairing several committees during that time, as well as being a member of Acton Community Council Wrexham  for many years. 
Carole is an experienced campaigner with a strong record of community involvement.  In this General Election  Carole will 
  • fight Hard Brexit because it will harm our society
  • seek the most open and cooperative deal with the EU as is possible
  • campaign to give mental health the same importance as physical health
  • work to promote a strong economy in Wrexham   

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