Brendan D'Cruz


Candidate for Islwyn

Brendan started out as a University Lecturer for Business and IT courses, and worked his way up through academic management positions at a number of universities before becoming Head of Department: Business and Computing at the University of Wales, Newport.

For the last three years Brendan has been the ‘stay at home’ parent looking after his young son. He has a strong interest in childcare and family development, and works with a local social enterprise. He has continued to work part-time as Visiting Lecturer at the University of South Wales, and as Consultant to professional bodies developing Project Management qualifications, standards and educational initiatives.

Brendan was attracted to the Liberal Democrats by the party’s emphasis on liberal values, social mobility, sustainable development and the environment. He believes that politicians should make a positive difference to people's lives. They should have real knowledge and experience to bring to politics, acting on what they believe instead of just saying and doing things to get them elected. He is not convinced that aggressive tribal party politics is the best way to represent people, and therefore advocates effective collaboration and 'partnerships' to deliver real change and lasting benefits for our communities.

Brendan is Chair of the South Wales East Valleys local party, and is currently the elected Diversity Officer for the Welsh Liberal Democrats. He tries to represent a broad range of cultural perspectives and community interests, and believes that greater diversity and accountability in policy-making can lead to better outcomes. More walk, informed talk, and no unacceptable excuses for failing to deliver.

Brendan contributed to the Lib Dem policy on ‘Making Migration Work for Britain’. He agrees that we need better border controls and more regulation to tackle abuses of the system, but we should not turn away law-abiding visitors, students and skilled people who can ultimately benefit our society and economy.

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