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Bob Griffin


Bob is the Welsh Lib Dem Spokesperson on the Economy and Infrastructure.

Bob Griffin has been a member and campaigner with the Welsh Liberal Democrats for over 20 years and was a County Councillor in Merthyr Tydfil until the last Council elections. He was part of the team leading the protest against the proposed incinerator in Merthyr and presented evidence against the proposal at the enquiry. He has continued campaigning for new 'green' businesses and jobs for Merthyr and is part of the action group trying to stop the expansion of opencast coal mining across the Heads of the Valleys because of the damage this industry does to the environment. He believes coal mining also frightens off new businesses from locating in Merthyr and the constituency is losing opportunities to create new jobs.

Bob Griffin has worked as a volunteer with a number of local social enterprises in Merthyr Tydfil and is currently an unpaid Director of the local Credit Union that provides low-cost loans for local people as an alternative to expensive pay-day loan companies.

In his private life, Bob Griffin has had an interesting career running his own businesses, which included rebuilding huge water-wheels as part of the creation of a mining museum; making TV commercials in his advertising agency; running a funicular railway in Aberystwyth and building the world’s biggest camera obscura at the top, and recreating a hand-powered aerial passenger ferry across Aberaeron harbour.

He still runs his own enterprise as an adviser to food and tourism businesses in Mid and South East Wales.

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