Wefan Gymraeg

Andrew Best

Candidate for Torfaen

After studying Politics at the University, Andrew has worked in Primary and Middle Education sectors for nearly 20 years. He has been pivotal in driving improvements in a number of schools experiencing a range of challenging circumstances as a Headteacher. He has also worked for three local authorities in school improvement work.  He is currently the Head of two schools.

Andrew moved to Wales in 2006 so that he could bring up a family of three children.  He has enjoyed bringing up his children in the beautiful Welsh countryside and loves walking the hills around Blaneavon.

Andrew understands too well the demands on public services that are affecting people’s lives and livelihoods and believes that the area deserves a strong voice in Parliament to make sure that local issues are not overlooked.

Leaving the Single Market would be a disaster for jobs, businesses and the economy. With Torfaen's proud industrial heritage, future growth would be hit particularly hard by Conservatives plans to rip Britain out of the Single Market.  

With his background in education, Andrew is also passionate that our children, the future of United Kingdom, should receive an education that is progressive, aspirational, innovative, creative and delivering of the highest standards. He is keen to support the work of fellow Welsh Liberal Democrats Mark Williams and Kirsty Williams and influence the debates on improving education.

Locally Andrew is concerned that education in Torfaen retains an emphasis on community needs if this is in the best interests of pupils, whether this is the retention of Sixth forms at the comprehensive level or small community-based Primaries that serve the vicinity.

Andrew will approach his candidature as he does his work, with a strong sense of professionalism, dedication and integrity. As a well respected and successful Headteacher, experienced in delivering improvements and working with a range of different stakeholders on a day to day basis, he is most qualified to deal with today’s turbulent political and economic landscape without losing touch with the people on the ground.



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