Aladdin Ayesh

Aladdin Ayesh


Candidate for Caerphilly

Non-Political Career: 1994-1998 Various consultancy contracts

1998 Lecture in Computer Science

2001 Senior Lecturer in Computer Science and Intelligent Robots

2004 Freelance writer

2010 Reader in Artificial Intelligence.

Political Roles: Since 2012 Member of Green Liberal Democrats and PCA.

Since 2008 Various posts on the local party executive committees

2011 Member of Liberal Democrats IT & IP Policy Working Group

2010 PPC in General Election.

2015 PPC in General Election

Political Views

I consider myself to be a progressive liberal with strong beliefs in a balanced approach to economics and education between maintaining strong liberal markets and advancing fair social policies that provide opportunities for everyone. I have strong belief in community driven economics and development and thus I strongly identify with small and local businesses, family run farms, and young people who work hard to excel and better themselves. I am supportive of devolution and empowered local governments.


I have a longstanding connection with Caerphilly for years through family. I have been visiting the town regularly enjoying both the beautiful scenery and the friendliness of its people.  It was a pleasure and honour to be chosen as the Lib Dem PAC for Caerphilly and look forward to serving this wonderful community as a member of parliament if elected “Just Like That” (in the words of Caerphilly’s own son Tommy Cooper).

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07881 451 261

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