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Welsh Liberal Democrats secure funding for small and rural schools

Pupils across Wales are set to benefit from a new £2.5 million Welsh Government small and rural schools grant announced today by Welsh Liberal Democrat Cabinet Secretary for Education Kirsty Williams. The fund will help schools use digital technology to prevent professional isolation, provide adm...

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Labour vote to leave Wales powerless on Brexit

Labour MPs abstained on an amendment to the European Union Withdrawal Bill that would have would have required the Assembly and other devolved legislatures to consent to the repeal of the European Communities Act. Despite describing the EU Withdrawal Bill as a “naked power grab,” Welsh Labour ref...

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No deal Brexit would be devastating for Aston Martin and South Wales

Mark Wilson, the Chief Financial Officer of Aston Martin, has told MPs that a no deal Brexit would be “semi catastrophic” and would mean his company would have to temporarily stop production. A halt in production would have severe consequences for Aston Martin’s St Athan factory in South Wales. P...

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Welsh Liberal Democrats help invest £2.3bn in School Buildings

Welsh Liberal Democrat Cabinet Secretary for Education Kirsty Williams has announced today a further £2.3bn to modernise education infrastructure. The funding forms the second wave of the flagship 21st Century Schools and Education Programme. The programme provides major and long-term capital inv...

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Jane Dodds elected to lead Welsh Lib Dems to "new era"

Jane Dodds elected to lead Welsh Lib Dems to

Jane Dodds has been elected by Welsh Liberal Democrat Members as the party's new Leader, beating Ceredigion candidate Liz Evans in a keenly-fought contest. Jane Dodds, Montgomeryshire Candidate and child protection social worker, takes over the role from Acting Leader Kirsty Williams immediately....

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